I-495, Methuen - North-facing

Rte. I-495 WL 180’ N/O Rte. 113, F/N, Methuen - DIGITAL

Billboard #32 details ― Ride sheet (PDF)

Billboard details
CityMethuen, MA
Size14' x 48'
Impressions284,350 PER SPOT

About this billboard

METHUEN – This 14’ x 48’ digital bulletin is located on the heavily traveled Route I-495, a major North/South beltway around the metro area of Boston. Located approximately 1,000’ from the213 Loop exit to Salem, NH, this unit reads to all the traffic traveling North to New Hampshire via Rte. 213. It also reaches people continuing on Rte. 495 South towards Chelmsford as well as those taking I-93 South towards Boston.

Billboard map

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